Calm Waters Pregnancy Yoga

Zoom or in person group classes

These classes are specifically designed for women during pregnancy. You can join in person or on zoom every Monday at 7pm.

Pregnancy Yoga classes are suitable for women both with Yoga experience or those who are new to yoga and can be enjoyed from 11 weeks gestation. 

Through our pregnancy yoga classes we aim to prepare your mind and your body for a positive birthing experience.  The classes include pregnancy and birth education to empower you to make healthy and safe birthing choices, appropriate yoga poses which encourage balance within the body to promote optimal positioning of your baby to aid easier birthing and breathing techniques that will reduce anxiety in your pregnancy, your birth and following. Classes end with a beautiful, guided relaxation; a fantastic way to end your day. 

In person Pregnancy Yoga classes are held at the Ironstone Wellbeing Centre. I have the midwifery experience to be able to adapt and guide you throughout depending on your stage of pregnancy and yoga experience.  You will leave feeling relaxed, recharged and energised. Try Pregnancy Yoga and enjoy the many benefits it can offer you and you baby.


Bonding – Pregnancy Yoga classes allow you to spend an hour just focusing on you and your baby, enjoy this time to bond.

Education – During this class you will learn about your changing body and how you are perfectly designed to birth your baby. 

Reduce Anxiety – Pregnancy Yoga teaches you how the power of your breath can reduce anxiety and be an extremely effective tool in your birthing experience however you decided to birth. 

Promotes Positivity – Learn about pregnancy and birth and gain valuable tools to guide and support you. 

Ease Physical Discomfort – Practicing the carefully selected yoga poses and breathing techniques taught in class your muscles will strengthen, lengthen and tone. Relieving pregnancy related ailments and easing physical discomfort such as pelvic or lower back pain, sciatica and general muscle stiffness. As your body balances your baby will be encouraged to adopt an optimal position for easier birthing. 

Relax – Pregnancy Yoga allows you to be kind to yourself. During the guided relaxation Keeley will take you deep within your mind and your imagination, reducing anxiety, reducing stress hormones, bathing your body and bathing calming hormones, helping you to go home and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

A Complete Birthing Toolbox – Regular attendance to Calm Waters pregnancy yoga classes will ensure you have a complete birthing toolbox to support you wherever your birthing journey takes you. 

Social – A perfect way to meet other expectant Mothers! 

Class details:

Mondays 7pm on Zoom or at
Ironstone Wellbeing Centre
NN14 1FN

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Pass for 5 classes = £40 zoom, £50 in person (does not have to be used over consecutive weeks )
Drop in = £12.00 per class

To join email, message or call 07708446879.

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What you need? 

For now, due to Covid we will not be providing mats, straps and blocks. You will therefore be required to bring your own.

Water – Hydration before, during and after yoga is key.

Love yoga. Love birth.

Keeley x


‘I did pregnancy yoga with Keeley from 16weeks up until my baby arrived. Keeley is so amazing at what she does and I thoroughly enjoyed every session. The sessions definitely helped me to relax and feel more prepared to give birth. I would 100% recommend Keeley and her classes’ Siobhan

‘Keeley’s classes are fantastic! Her knowledge really helped me to keep well and prepare for labour. I experienced painful back issues with my last pregnancy, I feel that the use of Keeley’s techniques really helped this time round. Keeley’s classes are informative and relaxing, I would highly recommend!!Thank you Keeley!! Xx’ Joanne

‘I went to Keeley’s pregnancy yoga classes when I was pregnant with my first baby back in 2018 and enjoyed them so much that I joined in again when I was pregnant with my second. I found the protected hour every Monday so special and allowed me time to focus on my pregnant body and new baby in the whirlwind life of being a Mum to a 2 year old. During the classes I knew that I was safely stretching and moving with my pregnant body and helping stretch out all those niggles and pains that I had and baby was always in a better position afterwards. The relaxation at the end was so good I fell asleep on many occasions! Being prompted to practice the breathing techniques each week really helped me to get them engrained so I could use them to focus my energy through labour and birth. I used the breathing techniques the whole way through labour along with Keeley’s advice to keep wiggling which helped me feel calm and in control of the situation. I definitely feel this helped my labour to progress quicker than with my first where I was lying on the bed with baby being monitored and allowed me to have the home birth I dreamed of. Using the breathing techniques has also been a great parenting tool when the toddler is being a diva and pushing all the buttons.I’ve recommended Keeley’s class to pregnant friends and would recommend it to anyone who’s pregnant as I’ve found it so useful in my pregnancies. Thank you Keeley!’ Heather