Closing the bones

Closing of the bones is a very beautiful and spiritual way of closing the birth experience and returning the body’s balance. It celebrates the amazing journey a women undertakes to motherhood. During birth, the body experiences a remarkable opening not only physically but emotionally and spiritually as well. Once the baby is born, the body needs to close both physically and energetically to feel grounded and for the healing process to begin. The ceremony lasts around two hours and starts with bathing in a bath of healing herbs, I can wash you or you may choose to have your partner, a friend or mother to do this, all is fine. I supply herbs, candles and music. After the bath I will give you a Rebozo (special scarf) massage and then the body is wrapped in stages from head to toe with slight pressure to each special point on the body. The wrapping is accompanied with some healing words and music and takes 2 people. Either you may choose your partner or another special person or I can bring someone with me. Once closed, you are tucked in warm blankets and left for a moment where your body and mind can completely rest and recuperate simultaneously whilst listening to beautiful affirmations and the whole atmosphere is infused with carefully chosen music and scent. After you have rested we will share some tea or warm cacao. Some people like the ceremony to be personal and some invite friends and have a celebration after it’s up to you. You would need a trusted person to care for the baby so you are not distracted during the ceremony. The total cost is £75.

I learnt this ritual from a very old and experienced Mexian midwife called Angelina Martinez Miranda a very beautiful soul. To book this beautiful experience you can call, text (07708446879) or email .