For a calm, comfortable and controlled birth.
Calmwaters Hypnobirthing

- The Mongan Method

My classes are based on the original and proven Hypnobirthing® method - The Mongan Method
Group Courses or if you prefer Private sessions are available. If you prefer the privacy of your own home and choosing your own timetable Private sessions may suit you better.
To book contact by email or telephone.  Courses are best started as soon as possible but even if you are near your estimated due time HypnoBirthing can still be of great benefit.
The course aims to educate and support women and their birthing companions so they may experience a positive, calm and comfortable birth.  HypnoBirthing® teaches mothers and their birthing companions proven techniques to use antenatally, postnatally and during birth.  These techniques if regularly practiced can reduce or eliminate the need for drugs or interventionand ensure that birthing is a positive experience not a traumatic memory.  
As a midwife I have witnessed how these techniques lead to a calmer and therefore quicker birth with empowering results for the mother and all involved.  
The classes give birthing companions purpose and a role in the pregnancy/birthing experience as they learn the best way to support their partners and babies through this special time.  It is noticeable that babies born to HypnoBirthing® mothers are more calm and alert and breastfeeding initiation is smooth and
prompt directly following their birth. 
The course consists of 5 weekly sessions and it is preferable to attend with your birthing partners but you can attend on your own if you prefer. Classes are small to allow for personal interaction and plenty of learning opportunity so book early.  

Content includes:

  • Identify the birthing muscles and learn how to work with them for optimal results
  • Create a Birthing Plan to support your birthing choices
  • Learn how to set up a birthing environment to support a positive   outcome and what to pack or prepare 
  • Breathing techniques to aid relaxation to mother and improve       oxygenation to the birthing muscles and baby
  • How to work with your body instead of against it
  • A daily routine to enhance your birthing experience
  • Relaxation and Visualisation Methods 
  • Releasing limiting thoughts
  • Rebozo techniques for pregnancy and birthing
  • Antenatal interaction and play with baby including Belly Mapping.
  • How to make informed decisions throughout pregnancy and birth
  • Breast feeding advice        
Call me on 07708446879 or email for further details.

Next Group Courses
Commence 1st July, 2018  for more information telephone, email or message, details below.

Kettering area, Northamptonshire
Costs: £250 
Small groups for better interaction
Book early to avoid disappointment

"Hypnobirthing helped me achieve the birth I wanted for my babies.  Calm and gentle"  Gemma C