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Calmwaters Hypnobirthing

- The Mongan Method


"The information given during our hypnobirthing course prepared us for the birth of both our children . I found that the affirmations used during relaxation whilst pregnant
stuck with me throughout, zoning out and concentrating on my breathing helped most of all. My husband & I learnt a huge amount about the way the body functions as
well as become more in tune & connected with each other.  I believe there is a natural hypnobirther inside all of us, we just have to become more in tune with her".  
Hayley, 2013.
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Comments from a mum and dad who had a beautiful home birth
At first we thought that HypnoBirthing was a lot to take in and too good to be true, however, the more you practice it and read it the more you understand it.  For me it’s
about the teamwork with Phil and me working together throughout the whole experience and I could not have done it the same way without Phil’s support.  Little Elspeth
was born at home naturally, gently and calmly without any drugs and is a perfect baby.  Philippa, Phil and Elspeth 2013
I was lucky enough to be the midwife on call as well as her HypnoBirthing practitioner when Philippa went into labour her birth was one of the most gentle I have ever
seen.  They were also one of my first clients who I taught HypnoBirthing to.  I felt most privileged to be present.  Click on her video of her experience.
"Right from the start Keeley put us at ease with her warmth and friendliness, and we were confident we had made the right decision.  The sessions covered lots of areas
not just the actual hypnosis element (history of childbirth, the physical changes that take place in your body leading up to and during labour etc). We also talked about any
fears or worries that might be holding us back.


My favourite part of each session was when Keeley took us through one of the relaxation scripts. I'm sure I probably fell asleep on at least one occasion as I was so relaxed! :) These were great to practice in our own time and rehearse ahead of the big day. 


I wanted as little to think about as possible when the time came, so we had some "dress rehearsals" in the birthing pool at home, even filling it up, dimming the lights
etc to help me to visualise the atmosphere I wanted to create for the birth. This helped me find which positions were comfortable too.  The affirmation and Rainbow
relaxation CD was on every bed time although we rarely got to the end without falling asleep.


I went into labour at around midnight on the Saturday, and was able to keep calm through the first few hours with some of the breathing exercises we had practiced. I
found the calm breathing most helpful to gather strength and rest in between surges.  The early stages of labour were very calm and relaxed at home, exactly as I had planned with the CD playing and soft lighting. I also pinned some of the handouts to the wall next to the area I planned to labour in to help with the visualisation element.
After around 20 hours of slow labour, we made the difficult decision to be transferred to hospital (meconium in the waters, plus we later found out baby had flipped and
gone back to back which made the surges trickier to deal with)


Unfortunately I had lost my concentration at this point and was no longer using the hypnobirthing techniques but once I got to hospital and got some pain relief, I was
able to chill out a bit and get back to the breathing.  As soon as I got into active labour, Thomas arrived in around 4 hours. I actually enjoyed the "pushing stage" (I think!)
and only needed a few stitches, which I think is due in part to the perineal massage.


Although I didn’t manage to use hypnobirthing for the whole labour, I definitely feel it had huge benefits in terms of relaxation throughout the pregnancy, and took away
any fear I had of labour and birth. It was also really good for me to understand exactly what was happening to my body at each stage.


Thomas is a very happy, smiley baby and only really cries if he needs something (usually food or sleep)".  Naomi, 2013 



We were both sceptical at first but HypnoBirthing helped us to have the birth we wanted and our only wish is that we had known about HypnoBirthing  when we
birthed our other children.  Lilly was born calmly and has remained a calm, alert baby since.  She fed immediately and breastfeeding this time has been successful, enjoyable and fulfilling something I struggled with previously with my other children.  It was an amazing experience and I still think of it now and can’t believe we had
such a beautiful birth and how alert Lilly was due to her gentle birth and no drugs to interrupt her passage into this world. 
Gemma, Steve and Lilly 2014

Beautiful birth but I am a little bias on this one.  Watch and see. Gem and Steve 2014

"How Hypnobirthing helped us - We started the sessions when I was 30wks pregnant. I really think that the relaxation techniques helped me to have a very smooth end
to my pregnancy - in particular I was able to sleep well with only 2 nights of interrupted sleep throughout the whole pregnancy! Getting quality sleep meant I felt really
good and was able to work comfortably up to 37wks. My husband also benefitted from the relaxation as he'd had trouble sleeping, and as soon as we started having the sessions he slept very well. 

The sessions also gave us a lot of antenatal information which helped to consolidate the information we were getting at our NCT classes - it was useful to hear things
twice to take them in and understand better, and a more relaxed environment to ask questions.

Both of us were also much more relaxed going into the birth as we fully understood how the body works, so we didn't have any fears about labour. 

Unfortunately our home pool birth didn't quite go to plan as my waters broke but I didn't get any surges for a few days. This meant having to be induced to avoid potential infection, but Keeley was on the end of the phone when we had questions about how long we could request for the induction to be delayed to try to let nature take its
course. During the induction process, I quickly started getting very strong surges - I was able to use the surge breathing techniques to help me - the surges were very frequent and strong, but time seemed to fly by in my trance-like state whilst playing the Rainbow Relaxation track in the background. The baby's heart rate also remained stable throughout, despite him being unable to easily make his way into the world.

In the end, our beautiful boy was born by c-section as he had moved into a back-to-back position and the risk of infection was too high to proceed naturally. From using
the affirmations, we were both able to cope well with all the diversions from our birth plan. 
I would definitely use Hypnobirthing again and would recommend it to others. It helped us to be calm, relaxed and prepared, and the relaxation techniques can still be
used now and in the future". Vikki, Ian and Oscar, 2013
'Keeley helped me have the birth I really wanted. Her support and guidance to have calm and positive birth experience enabled us to have Edward naturally, without
medical intervention or medicated pain relief. Thanks to her I was able to take control through the birth and work with my body and my baby. Edward arrived into the world safely and naturally just as we had wanted. Thank you Keeley'
Best of luck for your continued work and we will let you know if and when number two might be on its way - will give ourselves a bit of a break first :-)
Thanks for all your help and support from the bottom of our hearts. You made an major positive impact on our birth experience.  Helen & Rich, 2014
I had a baby girl called Paige on 7th Feb. She weighed 7lb 13oz. The labour went really well and I was surprised at how manageable the surges were. The actual
birth itself was really quick. We got to the birthing centre and went through the paperwork. Then they examined me to see if I was ready to go in a birthing room but there
was no time. They could not believe it. They said they could see the baby's head! I gave birth a few minutes later in the assessment room. My husband cut the cut once
it had finished pulsating.
I can highly recommend hypnobirthing. I could not believe how well it worked. Thank you for all your support. Vicki, 2014


I just wanted to let you know that baby Ellison Jared Briggs was born at 10.32pm weighing 8lb 4oz. He's just perfect! :-)

I used hypnobirthing breathing with gas & air and he was born naturally within 12 hours of being induced by pessary. For me, hypnobirthing helped me physically relax
my muscles when instinct was to tense, to focus on what my body and the baby were naturally trying to do no matter what was going on around me, and to stay calm
when it would have been so easy to panic & lose focus.
Jane, Chris & baby Ellison x

After having a long and traumatic first labour, my partner and I were unsure about what we could do to better prepare ourselves for the second time round.


Whilst talking about my fears and anxiety over birth, a friend recommended Keeley and hypnobirthing to me. After taking the classes and learning the methods my
partner and I began to relax and change how we viewed things, beginning to see the birth as a positive experience and even looking forward to it.


When the day finally came the hypnobirthing techniques instantly helped me to stay calm and focus on letting my body do the job it is designed for. I had a completely
natural home birth with no pain relief and my labour was smooth and enjoyable.


Enrolling in Keeley's classes was the key towards the calm and natural birthing experience I thought was beyond me. I cannot thank her enough for giving me and my
partner the tools to achieve such a wonderful birthing experience and will be recommending her highly!  Mercedes, Dave and Sid 2014
Mercedes forgot to say her little bundle was 9lb 8oz and although 2lb heavier than her first baby she was able to gently and calmly birth her baby in water.